Boho Wild with Straight Southern Charm


Local hire in LA + NYC, Commercial + TV Actress Classically + NYC Studio trained with improv + comedy chops.


Full pride + veneration for the generations of Navy Men in the

family. #GoNAVY. Born the same day as Billy the Kid, the cowboy  

spirit is strong with this one.


Excels at quickfire, rapid paced dialogue, and well revered for

quick transitions in thought. Pro at comic timing + gives good face.

Fluidly graceful + dynamic in space, mentored under Fay Simpson's

The Lucid Body Technique.


Love lover, music lover, a Rock & Roll Romantic.

*Music lovers list provided below.


on Television:

Strengths lie in 3-Camera, ensemble comedies like Friends + Big Bang Theory, and quirky comedies like Modern Family + Parks & Rec. Delighted by snappy + witty dialogue + lovable weirdos like Tina Fey, Amy Schumer + the Broad City gals.


Dramatically craves stories with pivotal, powerful, positive

messages like Friday Night Lights-- Connie Britton = hero--

#ClearEyesFullHeartsCan'tLose, or period pieces that hold up a

mirror to where we are now. #MadMen.


on Film:

Comically, niche positioned for anything Ben Stiller or left of center like Will Ferrell + Paul Feig. Also heroic heart-swell pieces that also make you laugh like Kristin Wiig's latest flicks.


Would swoon to play Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac's biopic. Or

Blondie. Dammit. #FerociousBabes. Aches to tell stories that

bridge the gap between genres of rock & roll and acting. #AlwaysFamous.


"Plays a wide angle like a boss." Daren Antonio Taylor, writer/dir


for #MusicLovers

  1. Paul Simon is my favorite. or Paul McCartney. dammit. anything romantic, anything Paul.

  2. all the Motown, and all the recent artists coming up in the tradition of love; huge props + shoutout to Leon Bridges.

  3. #MotherFeather.

  4. The classics, obvi, Stones Beatles Clash Zepplin etcetcetc yes.

  5. i love damn Vulfpeck + Beck + Prince's amazing ass.

  6. #HereWeGoMagic + to Radiohead the band what made em. 

  7. My Morning Jacket, proud to show love to my Louisville boys.

  8. Currently CRUSHING Glass Animals-- Gooey #VibeyDateTrack


What do you like? I'm a check it out. Connect w/ me on #Spotify.